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Rear Admiral Benjamin Montoya passed away 12/19/15

Posted by:
Harold Schrage (Doc) (Doc)
Sunday December 20, 2015 9:06 am

May 24, 1935 - Dec 19, 2015

Born in Indio, California May 24th, 1935 to Benjamin and Margaret Montoya. Ben graduated from Coachella Valley Union High School in 1953 and attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo before entering the US Naval Academy where he graduated in 1958. Upon graduation he married his high school sweetheart, Virginia Cox, also of Indio, California. Happily married for 57 years, Ben and Ginney raised five sons and two daughters who blessed them with 17 grandchildren. Ben's 32 year naval career began with a tour in Vietnam and he rose through the ranks to become Chief of the Civil Engineer Corps. He retired in 1989 as a Rear Admiral. Ben also received an engineering degree from RPI, a masters from Georgia Tech and a Juris Doctorate from Georgetown School of Law. After the Navy, Ben served as a Senior Vice President with PG&E and then as President and CEO of Public Service Co of New Mexico, retiring in 2000. Ben served on various boards including the National Parks Foundation, the California Board of Education, NASA, and the 1995 Base Closure Commission. He was selected as a 2008 Distinguished Graduate of the US Naval Academy. Ben successfully battled cancer for 2 years until October when it became untreatable. Ben passed quietly into the presence of his Savior in the company of his family on December 19th at 8:45pm. He is survived by his wife, Ginney; children Ben, Chris, Pat, Mike, Dave, Terri and Tasha, plus 17 grandchildren. He leaves two brothers, Arthur and Santiago (Jim). He is preceded in death by his parents and brother, Richard. Ben had a strong but quiet faith that he reaffirmed at key points in his life. More than all of his many career accomplishments, he deeply touched the lives of many and will be greatly missed. Funeral services will be held at noon on January 6th at Sacred Heart Church in Palm Desert, CA. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Go Navy! Beat Army!

Published in San Francisco Chronicle on Dec. 27, 2015