Cancellation of the 2022 reunion in Branson is official.

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Harold Schrage (Doc) (Doc)
Monday August 22, 2022 4:25 pm

Sadly, we have made the difficult decision to cancel our 2022 Reunion in Branson. We had less than 20 registrations and reservations. Not only is that far too few to break even but too few of our fellow Seabees to gather around and tell Seabee stories.

Please note that your room reservation will be cancelled for you automatically. You do not need to call the hotel to cancel.  If you would  still like to go to Branson in September, and utilize your reservation at our group rate, please let me know by Friday, August 26th, by 9 a.m.
CT, and the hotel will honor your reservation.

The hotel will cancel all of our reservations on Friday morning except for those of you who let me know you still plan to travel to Branson separate from the Reunion.

Ken Gordon is working on returning you deposits.

Although Branson, MO is a great destination and the Radisson Hotel has been wonderful to work with; COVID and three cancellations has brought a negative connotations with this location. So, we are moving on for next year. We are in the process of planning for Nashville in 2023, and look forward to seeing you next year.

Please advise me when you read this email. I need to know that everyone knows the reunion is cancelled that has made reservations.

Tom Banner EQCM (SCW)
President, MCB 3 VRA    262-498-3712

Would you attend a reunion next year again providing we're all healthy at that time? Would you be willing to serve as a board member or a committee member to help coordinate these events?


The existing board is willing to serve again as long as others join us in sharing the coordination and the load for a new reunion. Please get back to us ASAP by counting by sending comments to the website that you found this on. Or else you can contact the board members via e-mail at the following e-mail addresses.

Tom Banner                                     (606) 546-8491

Walt Linder                                              (202) 515-4577

Dennis Strecker                                   (262) 442-0223

Kenneth Gordon                              (805) 218-6521

Russ Stevenson                               (916) 402-2799

Arnold Delao                                             (928) 322-3124

Dave Walker                               (408) 250-5316

Ray Yeatman                                  (205) 657-8777

Harold Schrage                                       (818) 681-7852