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Gerry Moir needs our prayers. UPDATE

Posted by:
Harold Schrage (Doc) (Doc)
Monday January 14, 2019 1:25 pm



1/18/19   Gene sent me this email about Gerry. I received it yesterday and just checked my email today. Let’s put the word out. I am only able to send it quickly to those I have emails on. If y’all let everybody you are in contact with know the word will get out. Don’t email me and ask if so and so is on my list, just contact them. That would be easier. If I already have let them know I’m sure they’ll let you know I did.

Last week  I just finished talking with Tom McDaniel and he tells me that he spoke with Gerry this afternoon and Mac says Gerry is talking much better and that he's now walking with the aid of a walker. Gerry leaves the hospital this week and will be admitted to a rehab facility in Santa Barbara, so it sounds as though he is making somewhat of a recovery. Only time will tell if it'll be a complete one or not.







I just got off the phone with Tom McDaniel and he said he got a phone call a few minutes ago from Gerry Moir's wife. Apparently last week Gerry had to have some minor surgery, the surgery went well, however, during recovery one of the nurses gave Gerry a morphine shot. Well Gerry's highly allergic to morphine. The hospital upon admission was made aware of his allergy but it was administered to him anyway.


To make a long story short(er)the shot messed him up big time, it paralyzed him and he been unable to speak. Fortunately, he is beginning to regain some of his facilities, he can talk, but not too well, and he's also regaining some of his ambulatory abilities.


Tom says he sounds really down and would probably enjoy hearing from some of the guys. To that end, Tom asked that I share Gerry's cell phone number with you so that you might let everyone know.


It's 805-218-7388.


Let's keep Gerry in our prayers that he makes a full and speedy recovery.