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Joanne Schofield has passed away

Posted by:
Harold Schrage (Doc) (Doc)
Friday March 16, 2018 9:29 am

I received notice of her passing yesterday and need to post a note about this spirited lady. She has been an active part of this MCB3 reunion group since WAAAY before it started. She met and married David (Dave) back in Port Hueneme and has enriched our lives with her humor, her story telling ability and the ability to organize things.

She and Dave coordinated one of our earlier and better events in Eastham, MA in 2003. We all had a great time touring the area with the group and celebrating with the community at a Friday night fish fry and also a memorial service along the seashore at a beautiful plateau overlooking the coast. The best part of that story was that we weren't able to get a permit to have a 21 gun salute by a local honor guard because we'd disturb the protected environment. Joanne took care of that by opening duck hunting season down along the shore. I'm sure we had MANY more than 21 shotguns fire off during our memorial.

Roselyn (Roz) and I had a great time extending the trip with a drive to DC. It took 11 hours, most of that time trying to escape the dreaded traffic circles.

Our condolences to the Schofield family. We too will miss her.