We had to cancel our reunion for 2020 due to the lovely Covid 19 virus. We all hope that this will be under control soon and that we can meet again in the fall of 2021.

Our annual dues of $30 is usually collected at our reunions. I ask that you send in that amount or any you can as our expenses remain the same and we don't fundraise other than through our auctions and drawings at the meetings.

Please send your dues by check or money order payable to the NMCB3 Reunion Association. Mail it to our Treasurer, Ken Gordon, 429 Baker Avenue, Ventura, CA, 93004-1556.

This has been a horrid year second only to our time in country for stress.  We pray for a better year 2021 and hope we can meet again at our reunion in Branson. We may have lost members of our reunion family this year and may still lose more before then but they will be remembered in our hearts forever. 

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